For your safety

The drive chain is an important safety component, and it is recommended that installation, adjustment, etc. be requested to your local certified plant or qualified maintenance person. If you have a problem with a task other than the above, please check with a reliable bike shop.

Although it is possible to cut a long drive chain short, it is not recommended for safety to add a short drive chain. We do not sell each link, so please be careful about making mistakes and so on. After assembling, the FJ joint is a type in which the plate is press-fit with a special tool etc. and the clip is fastened. Note that special tool is required for installation.


The “FJ Type” joint attached to the DID chain has a type in which the plate is press-fitted with a special tool etc. after temporary joint assembly and then the clip is fastened. It is a necessary operation to assemble the seal of the joint part horizontally to the plate, and in terms of safety, this will be the method adopted by most manufacturers for chains used in medium-sized and larger vehicles. Clip type (RJ type) which does not require press-in work is only for small exhaust volume such as for Cub and for off-road use.

The drive chain is a set of chain body and joint, and the purchased chain is always bundled with the joint set. In order to ship tens of thousands of chains a day, after packing, we carry out inspection work by weight measurement, including chains and joints on the production line, so you can purchase with confidence.

Maintenance is necessary. Regular maintenance prevents machine power loss, and smooth acceleration without resistance also contributes to low fuel consumption.

Let's do after driving every 500km riding. Since the chain has heat when it travels, it is easy to make the chain lube penetrate the parts of the chain after the vehicle has traveled moderately and is suitable for maintenance.

The length of the chain is called the number of links (one frame = one link). Currently, 100 links to 110 links and 120 links in 10 links are usually sold. If your bike chain is 116 links, you will purchase 120 links and cut and install unnecessary parts. Normally, 120 links are called 120 links by combining the chain body of 119 links and the joint of 1 link. To cut a chain, you need a DID chain cut and caulking tool "Kashimaru-kun, KM500R". (The 420 and 428 cuts require the 40 series option set)

The race chain is developed and manufactured for high rigidity, super light weight and low friction so that the highest performance can be achieved in the race, so the race performance is outstanding, but the life for the street use. The use of public roads is not recommended because (520ERV3 can be used on public roads with limited displacement. Public road use: Up to 600cc)

As a chain maker, conversion is not recommended. The optimal value for the vehicle type developed with the vehicle manufacturer will be the size currently fitted to the original. Chain size conversion may shorten the life of the entire chain and sprocket. It is the customer's responsibility to change the stock chain size and use it, and customization is the responsibility of the customer. Please be sure to use it after consulting in a bike shop with technical capabilities.