DID New Product - DID 525VX3 & 530VX3



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Please be inform, current DID 525VX & 530VX to be upgraded to New DID 525VX3 & 530VX3




Higher Tensile Strength

Due to increase the hardness of the inner plate, the new 525VX3 & 530VX3 have higher tensile strength

Longer Chain Life

Due to increased X-ring retention and durability, 525VX3 & 530VX3 have a greatly improved sealing performance. As a result, the new chains have higher wear resistance.

525VX3 : 11% UP

530VX3 : 5% UP

The new 525VX3 & 530VX3 wil fit a wider range of motorcycles.

525VX3 : MAX 1000cc (New)

530VX3 : MAX 1100cc (New)


Tesile Strength

Average (KN)

Wear Resistance

Index: Standard Chain =100



525VX3 (New) 44.4 4000
530VX 41.0 3800
530VX3 (New) 44.4 4000


Note : Master links are not interchangeable with actual VX master links