Company Profile

DID Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

“From the circuit to the street"

D.I.D motorcycle chains have established a reputation as the No. 1 motorcycle chain in the world for high reliability and historical performance of "D.I.D".
We take pride in our motorcycle drive chains which are keenly sought by motorcycle manufacturers all over the world.
We develop new chain products, in addition to producing and patenting lightweight, compact, low-noise products.

D.I.D - for all riders the world over since 1933. We are the World’s No. 1 original parts (OE) supplier for Japanese and European motorcycle manufacturers.

Corporate Symbol

This corporate symbol symbolizes the corporate concept of the Daido Kogyo group.

  • The flowing line represents our line of products, which are dynamically carried and delivered.
  • The uplifting form represents our flexible 'thinking' and 'actions,' which create leading-edge technologies.
  • The stable roundness represents the 'reliability' and 'reassurance' generated from our sincerity and strong determination.
  • The deep blue represents our unchanging fresh 'attitudes'.
This product logotype has been Daido Kogyo's representative registered trademark since 1937.
It is used mainly for motorcycle parts and industrial chains. Daido is also highly regarded and trusted overseas, establishing the D.I.D brand all around the world.

Quality Policy

1. Give utmost priority to customer satisfaction.
Assure that we provide customers with products that meet the quality required by each customer. With customer satisfaction and trust, we should maintain and expand the market to create permanent profits.

2. All people should take responsibility for the quality.
All employees fulfill their own role with confidence and pride in mind.

3. Concentrate on factual quality controls.
Concentrate on scientific controls based on five principles (field, actual product, reality, rules and principles) to prevent potential nonconformities.

Quality Assurance

We promise to provide the highest level of reliability and safety by complying with internationally recognized quality assurance standards.


ISO9001 Certification

ISO9001 certificate is crucial for supplying products to countries all over the world.

We, at Daido Kogyo Co., Ltd. are qualified for every process from design, development, production, and installation to technical assistance services for all of the products we manufacture including conveyor systems, welfare equipment, rims and wheels as well as various kinds of chains.

We strive to increase customer satisfaction by continuously improving our quality management system.

API Standards Certification

The petroleum industry field is the core of today's industries. The United States industry, which leads the global market, requires very strict quality management for all machinery components related to oil field development and petroleum refineries. API (American Petroleum Institute) is an institute responsible for setting standards and qualifying in accordance with these standards.

We, at Daido Kogyo Co., Ltd. obtained this certificate for industrial machinery chains in 1972. Since then, in compliance with API's strict quality management system we have delivered our D.I.D products to domestic and foreign customers, as well as the U.S. market.